We continue with our series as we meet and talk to industry leaders.Remember on this post we sample questions sent by you our reader and put it across to executives/entreprenuers around the globe and ask them what makes them and how can one get to where they are.

Today we sit across a young leader,a fashion designer,she does the designing,the cutting and the stitching.She has her own brand and we are proud to be associated.Her name is Maureen N.

Let’s put her to the paces then.

First, a little bit about you. What made you become a designer?

I am Maureen born and raised in Limuru, and I am 28 years old. I am a designer. Being a designer is something I have always dreamt of since I was a little girl. Who does not love fashion anyways?

How important is the material you use and does it make a difference to your buyers?

  When my client visits my shop I always advise her (hopefully even him) on the type of material she/he will use depending on the kind of a dress or a suit she/he wants. I consider using the best material to make my client happy.

How do you advertise your designs and do you have your own brand name or design that is unique?

Social media is the best and easy way one can use to advertise and that’s how I advertise my designs under my brand name “scarlet designs” in all platforms.

Say if I was to join you today, approximately how long would it take me to learn, for me to start doing my own designs? Do I need to go to school to learn?

Being a designer is a calling (Wow!) and it needs passion. If you don’t have passion for designing trust me you will be wasting your time. Therefore, to learn how to be one you have to have passion. (To your second question) So(sic) you can take at least six months and yes you need to go to school to learn.

What is your take on second hand clothes or “mitumba”?

Second hand clothes are very unique and affordable. I personally like them.

Are there more established design houses locally and regionally that you look up to? What about internationally?

Yes, most people who we sell to love fashion and through them we learn more about fashion. My designs are original and I have not thought of looking at what others do locally. But internationally I look at labels like Yves St. Laurent and hope to have a brand like that.

Lastly a fun question. Imagine you are the Head of state, you have the power to do, what is the one thing you would do to change/improve the fashion and design industry?

As the head of State I would like everyone to study fashion from an early age. Hopefully everyone would love fashion and would compete to make designs. Because I still believe most people love fashion.

Determination and passion are what drives her to achieve.Well,we wish her the best and hope to catch up with her as she continues with her journey.

For her designs visit her on her FB page web.facebook.com/Scarlets-design-545692045601289

An insightful conversation with Maureen,feel free to comment and you could even throw in suggestions on questions, people and or industry that you would like to get feedback from.

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