Pick a good book once in a while

A plumber builds water ways much the same as a builder constructs.What is the role of a writer though?

Between our busy family life schedules and the endless search of financial security read freedom,we have turned into programmed robots.Turn a switch and off you begin your daily life that is a rat race.We try to balance, to schedule to plan…arrrggggh..yes,it can sometimes seem endless.

So in all this where does one re-fuel,where can we heal our soul and reflect inward. one word.Books.

What is the role of writers you asked? well they create water ways and build our mental capacity to endure through books.Yes.endure.I say this because we have created social structures that glorify the goal oriented and shun everybody else. It begs the question where our next philosophers, astrologers..dreamers.. will come from? A good book allows you the leeway to travel into other lands and more importantly plug leaking waterways and help build other pathways in your mind.

So what is the last book you read and enjoyed?I put the word enjoyed because you have to find a level of satisfaction when you read a book.

A book allows you to experience life other than yours.It allows you to create,to reflect,and to engage.

Mental strength comes from seeing yourself in the midst of others.Do you need motivation.Pick a motivational book.Do you need hope?Pick a book that gives you that boost.Do you love fiction? well somebody said sometimes fiction reveals more about reality than facts.Indulge in works of fiction.You think you are having it tough? Pick an autobiography and get to know the meaning of “ukiona vyaelea jua vimeundwa”

A good book will always relieve you the pressure of the rat race and allow you to see yourself inspite of your circumstances

Aha and if you have a tight budget(like most of us) or just lack the time,well an audio book is a suggestion.Visit your social/app and type the name of your book and “binge hear”your audio book.

Sometimes the solutions to your problems can be just a book away.So whether it is your Bible, Qouran, Bhagavad Gita or your Sidney Sheldon , know this, human relations have been built through literary works.

Please pick a book and thank me later.

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