1.Data analysis and innovation are one of the foremost sub set of skills that will be critical into the future. I had a conversation with an IT consultant two weeks ago. He was looking to track milk cans for a company that offers delivery services to a dairy company. Ingenious! I thought to myself. Imagine what the tracked data and its analysis could show. How many cans are deployed and returned?Which region produces more milk?What amount of milk is pilfered ? What is the average turn around time?How does delivery time contribute to pilferage? et cetera…You see now? Data can yield a significant impact if analyzed correctly.It can have direct impact to companies’ bottom lines.The applicability is why this skill is our top choice into the future.

2.Problem solving With the adoption of technology and automation,many organizations are increasingly finding challenges be it on adoption or market competition.Complex problem solving is one of the essential skills that will let you get that job and keep it.With objective tools/frameworks one is expected to create sustainable solutions and sell this solutions to other team members.It is an indispensable skill and that is why we give it the second spot.

3.Technology design and programming.The digital world is dictating the terms of engagement at the work place,and business.Increasingly those with design capabilities and programming skills are being looked at to lead by creating tools that can be depended on.We give it the third spot. That number should not lessen its value as it is one of the critical skills that most organizations are looking for.

Our number 4 is Creativity and Initiative.Many jobs can become mundane and monotonous.Unfortunately competition is stiff and employers cannot solve every problem and create new solutions.Employees are usually better placed to develop sustainable solutions .Forward looking organizations are trying to incentivize their employees by offering spaces that can curate their ideas and solutions.Those with initiative and creativity are therefore benefiting from this visibility and are reaping big at the workplace.

5.Stress tolerance and flexibility completes our top 5 skills that will let you climb that ladder at the work place.Being able to adapt to different environments allows you to shift gears and easily move out of comfort zones.Unfortunately jobs are shifting at the work place.Job descriptions are being thrown out of the window as you are forced to adapt to new technologies and new roles almost every three to six months.It is therefore key for you to allow yourself to be flexible and have a level of stress endurance.Plan ahead and move when required.

How do you rate our top 5? What other skill do you think should be included? Reply on our comments.

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