Our last 5 are no less important and they can easily become your top 5.

6.Continuous Learning and re-skilling– To survive and thrive,always consider yourself a student.Have the curiosity to learn new things and improve your skills and your tools.Consider a carpenter,if he re-skills and creates better designs or improves his tools he can easily create differentiation and new demand for his products.Much the same as a fashion designer.At whichever level you are be ready to learn new strategies and or skills .

7.Teaching and Leadership-The best way to get to know what skills you have is to teach.Teaching is one of the overlooked facet of leadership.Many people erroneously believe that hoarding information/skills makes you indispensable.Unfortunately it does not.Teaching others to do what you do allows you to create a resource pool with the benefit of generating new ideas.It also allows you to re-skill and take on other roles.It allows for continuity and growth.

No.8 and 9 are Self Management and Learning to work with people.We tie this two as they are co dependent.Part of learning self management is also learning how to work with other people.It is a cultivated skill. Be sensitive to other people’s wants, likes and dislikes by also managing your own.It is a skill that can take you far or hold you back.

Our last but in no way least skill is to be a Change agent:A change agent is both an advocate of change and also a good recepient of change.The only constant thing in life is change, embrace it.Organizations,keep changing and morphing in this day and age and it is important that you are ready to change with them.It is not an easy skill because change elicits uncertanity. However being at the fore front of change allows you to plan and predict outcomes.

There you have it, these are our top 10 skills.What do you think has been left out or what has missed the mark.Feel free to comment below

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