Well ! it has been a busy 3-4 weeks.As a family we have been up and down trying to add some final touches to a product that we hope will start its journey off.Interesting though it has been all hands on deck and work has affected even play.

That is why we choose to mention that resting rejuvenating or re-charging is a necessary part of your journey.Unfortunately most pick leave days as work days for their projects.Needless to say life can catch up with you and sometimes find that those days give you the opportunity to catch up with that side of your life.

Despite this find time for your self,partner or family by being present by taking time off.

Be present, have fun,stop the abacus from over heating,walk bare feet,talk less,listen more enjoy.You need the healing.We hope to do the same too.For now though its all hands on deck

Hope to catch you soon.

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