Someone asked the other day,”so which are you, an Entreprenuer or a Business man.”Well” I said “a bit of both actually.”

This got me thinking though whether one could be better off being one and not the other.Firstly lets discuss the difference.

Entreprenuers are considered as those who work on new ideas and generate new products.Some say they are not usually concerned with revenues but more on their products and how those fit with the special needs of their clients.They more or less bootstrap to generate new land and new products. What keeps them alive apparently is the impact side of their business and less about the profit making

Business men/women on the other hand are seen as arbitrage opportunists.They model their business to make profits and unlike their friends on the other aisle, are less caught up with the impact side of their business.They however,do care about the employees they employ.They are swift to implement and make calculated risks when starting a business.

One can draw many conclusions as to the advantages of being either or.In my opinion hough you don’t necessarily have to be one and not the other.An Entreprenuer is considered a new land creator and can create out of thin air.However, a business man is better at making commercial sense of any business and has better luck at creating a profit business.Merge the two and you have an unstoppable person.

It is not for me to say which side of the aisle is better, but I will say that the lessons learnt in whatever business you are in are crucial.Their hearts are both in the right place. One may look to create a Da Vinci the other has the street savy to protect that Da Vinci.

Hope that makes sense.Try and be one.Difference explained.

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